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How many times have you wished you could offload some of the tasks on your to-do list to someone else?

Whether you run a business or are a busy individual, it never gets any less annoying to waste hours doing something, when you could focusing on more important work or spending time with your loved ones. That's why I started The Task Company. Let me tell you a little more about myself and the business...

Hi! I'm Shekira, an experienced Marketing and Events manager with a real passion for organising and a flair getting stuff done. The Task Company started organically as friends and business owners around me would often come to me for support and assistance with various tasks. In addition to this, I am a self proclaimed home organisation queen! Over time, the number of businesses and individuals I supported grew and a lifestyle change pushed me to develop my skills and passion into a business.

The Task Company's mission is to provide a reliable and convenient service to help you complete tasks and nail that to-do list. We give you the support you need during busy times without having to deal with long contracts, recruiters, and processes that require large financial investments. We understand that every business and individual is different and have created a service based on flexibility so that you can count on us to get stuff done when you need and within the constraints of you business and lifestyle.

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